Educational Application

EducareLab’s Interactive GRE Study Guide App for iPad.

Covers all 40 GRE Math topics with detailed explanation, solved problems and practice problems for self-practice.’s unique GRE Math Study Guide app is designed to help you master the Math portion of the GRE.

What makes us the BEST?

☆ Covers all 40 GRE Math topics.

☆ Includes detailed explanation of each topic.

☆ Includes Notes for each 40 topics.

☆ More than 100 solved MATH questions broken down into topics.

☆ More than 150 practice math questions broken down into different topics.

☆ In built rough work function to do calculations on the device. No need of a paper when using the app.

☆ Doesn't consume any bandwidth after the app is downloaded. This app does not use internet and hence you can save your monthly bandwidth.

☆ With this application, you can study and test your knowledge on the go.

☆ Access to our award winning blog articles on tips and advice for college students right on your mobile device.

EducareLab’s GRE Study Guide App is created by students and educators who have succeeded using the strategy as seen in this app

Did you know that one of the best ways to study new words for the SAT is to use Flash Cards? And with the use of Android phones you don’t need to spend time making Flash Cards because we have done it for you. This app is perfect for high school students planning to take the SAT in near future.

EducareLab teammates found that Flash Cards were the single most useful thing that could be used to memorize new words. Hence, with EducareLab’s Flash Card App, you can study and memorize relevant SAT words on the go. Once seeing the words in the Flash Card section, you can test yourself to see if you memorized them by using the QUIZ section.


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