Benefits of choosing iAriana for Fitbit integration


Better understanding of API provided by Fitbit


Experience of integrating API within Application


High quality standards


Strategic development and consulting

Efficient Communication

Easy and efficient communication – We love to keep it simple 

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

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Fitbit is one of the most well known names in the fitness tracking industry. A Fitbit smart device allows you to track many aspects of fitness like, activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. Fitbit provides a Web API for accessing data from Fitbit activity tracker. To integrate the device’s features with a mobile app or web app, it is required to use the API provided by Fitbit. iAriana specializes in connecting mobile applications with Fitbit fitness trackers and other devices.

iAriana developers has gained expertise in developing scripts which can monitor user’s sleep and steps, food intake, calories gained/lost and provide the reports to the application. Mostly health care, physical fitness apps or apps that are related to exercise need an interface with such fitness tracker devices.


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